Look at a Mediterranean map. The Riviera, the Italian boot, Dalmatia, the Greek islands, the southern coast of Turkey and in the west where Andalusia meets Morocco like a pincer. There is one food culture after another. Most are familiar to us, but there is still much to discover. Click on the menu below and you can see our special mix of known and unknown. There's everything from a delicate mushroom broth served with sobrasada and honey, a tender grilled abanico, to a delicious Basque cheesecake with pistachios. And for a whole party, we recommend our classic bone-in rib eye steak, a 900 gram chuleton, grilled over an open fire, sliced and served with a salsa verde.

On the blackborad

Grilled Seabass 495:

Wine of the day

Leitz, Magic Mountain, Riesling, Rheingau, Germany 150/750:-

Domaine Chavy Chouet, La Taupe, Pinot Noir, Bourgogne, France 180/900