Every restaurant has a vision. A desire to offer something extra, to tell a story through the food, something different, something that makes the guest feel "I want to come here again".

Our vision, our story, starts at the Eastern Mediterranean. There are cuisines, culinary traditions, the history of cooking from both the Orient and the Balkans, sophisticated and rustic dishes that few know about, but which we want to present in our own way.

Add to that the unknown Spanish cuisine, the down-to-earth, genuine food beyond the tourist resorts, and our vision might start to come together for you. It's old flavors, forgotten ingredients, lost history, that we want to highlight, with our own modern twist - and on beautiful porcelain.

It could be freshly baked lepinja bread, a simple salad of white cabbage and pomegranate, grilled kil sivri peppers, pulpo with chickpea ragu, a tumbet, a vegetable gratin from Mallorca, a shish kebab with tabbouleh and dill yogurt.

At the center of our cooking, and in our restaurant, stands wood and fire. They create not only heightened flavors, but also an inviting warmth, a here-and-now feeling with dishes from the past. Yes, an experience to remember.